Bale wrapper Star SWM0810 - 4522262, used

Bale wrapper Star SWM0810 - 4522262, used (0)Bale wrapper Star SWM0810 - 4522262, used (1)

Bale wrapper Star SWM0810 - 4522262, used

1.206,50 EUR (950,00 EUR + VAT)
In stock Requires a unique shipping offer Star SWM0810
Bale wrapper Star SWM0810, used, Japan. Small round bale wrapping device. It can be used to pack both dry and green fodder bales.

The equipment is suitable for wrapping round bales with a diameter of 50-60 cm and a height of 70 cm. It is powered by a 1.5 HP, 4-stroke, air-cooled, rope-start gasoline engine. The motor drives the packaging table around its vertical axis via a removable V-belt drive and gear housing.

At the same time, the rotating cylinder on the table, connected by a strap, is driven, which rotates the bale around its longitudinal axis. As a result of the two rotations, the entire surface of the bale is protected by foil. The speed of the film can be changed in 2 positions. 19 threads are made in the lower hole position and 11 in the upper one. When the preset speed is reached, the mechanical switching mechanism releases the tensioning mechanism of the V-belt driving the reducer and the packaging stops. The width of the wrapping film is 30 cm. The bale is loaded and unloaded manually.

The bale wrapper is in pre-service condition, the bale turning belt is new, the frame structure shows paint chips, no rusting through. The displayed price refers to the current condition of the packaging
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