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EFGC105D 3.24.105

In national terms, the best quality product of the category, guaranteed at the best price!

Horizontal axis, oscillating crushing hammer stalk crushing-mulching-mowing machine. The ground tracking and cutting height are ensured by the sliding feet on both sides and the steel cylinder with adjustable mounting on bearings.

The openable rear wall enables higher travel speed without clogging the rotor, even in neglected, unkempt areas.

Working width 105cm, total width 115cm. There is a V-belt connection between the gear unit and the rotor, which ensures a damage-free stop by sliding when hitting an obstacle. The working speed is 2-5 km/h. To drive it, a 540 rpm drive is required.

Minimum machine requirement is 15 HP. Its reinforced gear unit has a free-running design, so it can be driven easily with a standard cardan shaft.

The weight of the machine is 196 kg, the number of crushing hammers on the shaft is 16, and the weight is between 700-800 grams/piece.

The stem crusher is suitable for crushing cuttings after pruning fruit trees and fruit trees. However, the diameter of the cuttings should not exceed 2-3 cm, and it should not be collected in knots. It is also better for the machine if you receive it evenly, in full working width.

Delivery of the product to your home within the territory of Hungary is HUF 29,700 + VAT. Packaging size 122 x 82cm x 75cm. Its shipping weight is 220 kg. In the case of home delivery, we cannot operate it due to the packaging. In this case, we will pack an installation guide illustrated with photos. In the case of on-site collection, after unpacking, this can be done, the cost is HUF 5,000 + VAT.

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